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By choosing either of the two options you agree to the terms and conditions below and you acknowledge the purpose of the reCInate communication framework and profile below.

The reCInate Communication framework, assessment, profile, workshops and all other associated material and products are the copyright of reCInate.

The free profile can only be used in your personal capacity for reflection and not in any way for training, coaching, mentoring or any other form of intervention, directly or indirectly.

The Premium profile may be used for any form of training, coaching, mentoring and other interventions provided that the facilitator/coach/mentor is accredited by reCInate. For any questions on accreditation please contact us on .

reCInate will, from time to time, send you material that will enhance your implementation of improved communication.

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The purpose of the reCInate communication framework and profile

If you want to improve your communication start by understanding your own communication better. Please read the information below before clicking on an option.

Once you have read it, please choose between the free profile and the premium profile. Both profiles will show you your preference in communication.

The free profile is a summary of your profile. This free profile is for personal use and cannot be used in any training, coaching, consulting or any other intervention.
The premium profile ... where you will receive a detailed profile and an ebook on how to apply the profile and associated communication framework.

The reCInate Communication Framework® and Profile are specifically designed and tested to assist people and companies to improve on communication. It is unique as it was designed specifically for communication. It is not a personality framework or profile, nor is it a competency profile.

Research on the framework was carried out by major commercial companies as well as well-known academic institutions. We have had over 1 million people that have done their assessments to see what their preferences in communication are.

This framework and profile, together with appropriate workshops or coaching, will make your communication more effective. This award-winning framework forms the basis of all workshops and interventions.